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A gift of Art

In difficult times like the one we are living in, it is difficult to surprise our loved ones with a gift that, in addition to surprising, shows our love and concern for them.

Art is always a welcome gift

An art object is a gift that will always be welcome regardless of the situation in which it is offered. Either as a celebration of an achievement or as a consolation for a loss or simply to tell a loved one how important they are to us.

Art is always useful

A piece of art is a gift that will never runs out (like a box of chocolates), it will never goes out of style (like a dress), you never risk it being repeated (like an appliance), never loses its use ( like a book), and it always seems adequate regardless of the situation.

Oil Painting by Alang Harris
Bridge over the Thames by Alan Harris

A good alternative for children

This Christmas perhaps there will be a shortage of toys, art is the alternative that will positively surprise our children and at the same time allow us to introduce them to the world of art and encourage them to know more and perhaps develop some artistic activity.

Art can be affordable to anyone

Art is a gift that can be found in a wide range of prices, from very cheap prints to very expensive original art, depending on our pocket we have endless price alternatives to choose from.

Sculpture by Susana Zarate

Art offers a lot to choose from..

There are times when we find ourselves in the difficult moment of having to give something to someone who has everything, or at least everything they need. In such moments a piece of art is a fantastic resource offering infinite possibilities to choose from: paintings, sculptures, ceramics, prints, in all sizes and colors to fit with any decoration or space

Art is no longer an object that is only bought for art lovers or as an investment, art in these times is afordable and convenient for anyone in any situation.

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