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How can you not fall in love with London?

Yesterday I was watching an old movie made in London and two things surprised me, one is that I knew almost all the actors (that shows how long I have been here) and the second is the number of places in London that it showed and it made me so nostalgic to see those familiar places again.

Places as Leicester square, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Regent-street, St James Park, Carnaby Street, Soho, Victoria station where I arrived so many times so tired, or King cross Station that seems part of my history for so many arrivals and departures from there.

Picaddilly Circus, painting by Alan Harris

London is British but at the same time very cosmopolitan, historically it has attracted people from all over the world and that has created a diversity that allows infinite possibilities. This city combined historiacal sight with modern cultural activities.

Westminster, painting by Alan Harris

In some areas you see many things from the early history as The Tower of London, or the Westminster Palace that evokes both curiosity and excitement.

You also see a warren of narrow streets, as Shaftesbury Avenue or Flee street

Shaftesbury Avenue , Fleet Street , painting by Alan Harris

London has a multiracial population, from a large number of cultures that speak more than three hundred different languages.

With 43 universities London has the highest concentration of higher education centers in Europe.

The West End neighborhood is home to 40 theaters, considered the top level of commercial theater along with Broadway in New York.

Movie Night, Paintings , by Alan Harris

These are only some of the reasons why London is a point of reference for arts, education, entertainment, turism and finances.

London is a well-developed city and has been for hundreds if not thousands of years. But it is changing all the time. Surprisingly, today London is still one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.

All this factors make London diverse , exciting and also the most dynamic city you can visit.

Are we there yet, painting by Alan Harris

The memories come to my mind and I want to be there again, exploring Camden town, with my children crossing London bridge with Alan my husband, and of course, walking again along the River Thames where you can appreciate the beauty of Westminster. Naming all the places I love in London would take a long time but each one of them makes me want to go back. There are so many things that make London beautiful and special that I can't quite express, maybe is because London makes me feel so alive!

West End, London by Alan Harris

How can you not fall in love with London? ...

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