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Diptych as an alternative interior decoration

Diptico is a painting done in two parts. These parts can be set side by side or used separately.

The diptych is more flexible when decorating, it allows different options to adapt to the space and the environment in which it is located.

Diptychs are a good alternative to consider when you decide to update the decoration of your house. A painting makes the environment more welcoming but a diptych also adds a more interesting and modern touch. Another advantage of diptychs in relation to traditional painting is that they can be separated and combined with other elements around the house.

An important aspect to consider is that it is easier to adapt them in case of limited space, or if you simply want a change around you.


Finally, in case of moving house it will also be easier to transport.

To illustrate this, I leave you with some paintings of London and Paris, by Alan Harris,

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